The Cloud, Cloud connect solutions, Online Backup and Online File Sharing are all terms heard on a daily basis, but what do they mean to your organisation.

As organisations embark for alternatives to physical media based backups in this changing and more demanding world of technology. It is important to understand what is available.

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS): This service delivers a cost effective, secure and scalable solution to meet your data storage needs. Using proven technology, the service provides a step-up on traditional physical media solutions and offers access to a range of onsite hardware and connectivity types to cater for any volume of data. Delivered as a fully managed service, backup is securely integrated into your existing corporate network, maximising the utilisation of existing IT infrastructure while delivering faster data backup and recovery.
  • Recovery as a service (DRaaS): This service allows your organisation to confidently recover within hours of a disaster being declared. It’s a cost-efficient, automated and simple cloud disaster recovery service that eliminates large up-front capital investments and provides peace of mind.

Recall can assist your organisations within these two areas. There are other services Recall can provide, primarily focused on your backup, recovery and business continuity requirements. If you are unsure of your direction we can provide consulting to ensure your existing IT infrastructure and processes meets your daily business needs, and this work will identify the steps required to improve.

Our main technology partner is Tecala, a leading Australian based IT Managed Services provider who has considerable technical experience and hosts services out of Australian based data centres. For more information contact us today and speak to one of our data protection experts.