With the introduction of a process to capture your experience with us, Recall delivers on a key business promise, “the customer comes first”. With success in over 20 countries in physical and digital information solutions, we leverage our global strength to provide attentive and relevant local service. Through the Net Promoter Score (NPS), we now listen, and respond to your changing requirements and capture your specific expectations and preferences. That is customer empowerment.

The total customer experience has a new focus. Improved internal, cross–functional interaction between sales, customer care, operations and transport is delivering real benefits to customers through the seamless flow of information.

The real-time, unbiased feedback is both qualitative and quantitative. We aim to shape and improve our services, guided by customer experience. With a dedicated Voice of the Customer (VOC) team, feedback can be acted upon, and issues rectified quickly. NPS embeds feedback into our processes and promotes a company culture that is truly customer focused. It provides a best-practice framework for collecting, evaluating and acting on customer feedback to optimise benefits and engagement.

Recall Customer CARE appreciates your support. By participating in the survey attached to your next work order, we can respond to your voice.


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