Clean, accurate metadata is the key to any enterprise-wide information management system. Metadata is the magic that turns enterprise data into business assets. It integrates the technical, business and organisational aspects of data management, governance and delivery to create a valuable, consistent business benefit. No information management system can fully deliver on expectations without good metadata protocols.

Metadata builds a consistent, enterprise-wide framework to capture, search, understand, and manage information. Full benefits depend on the proper indexing and classification of all records. One of the challenges of metadata design is connecting business intelligence demands with actual document information. Extracting the maximum business benefit from stored content requires selection of the right metadata from the onset. The right naming conventions can also effectively manage storage requirements, delivering cost benefits.

Ongoing metadata management relies on robust internal processes within your organisation to assist all users adopt, and adhere to, the proper procedures to maintain metadata effectiveness. Metadata protocols also enhance the quality of information stored by prompting users to make the best business decision as to the life of a given document.

Clean, accurate metadata will maximise the efficiency and value of every information management system. Recall Document Solution Specialists can show your organisation how to unleash the full potential of your stored information.


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