Welcome to the digital age; this transformation is turbo-charging changes to every business. The good news is that new business approaches and changes to long-held practices are within the reach, and pocket, of all businesses.

Digital transformation has two common challenges: money and user buy-in. Web and application development is not for the faint-hearted or budgetary-constrained. There is also the risk of creating a user interface that is too novel, and consequently complicated, for most users. User confusion and frustration usually equates to rejection or non-compliance. Regardless of popular opinion, touchscreen capability is not a hallmark of digital transformation; user confidence and comfort is.

The key to a simple, cost-effective transformation strategy that promotes user engagement is within the reach of every business. Effective transition to the digital environment requires a gradual approach using familiar formats such as PDFs that mimic this stable and accepted interface.

Powerful and affordable new tools are now available to leverage the existing investment in electronic document production to seamlessly port PDF content to a device. This transforms passive electronic documents, even pamphlets, into the interactive with dynamic links to other online functions such as calls-to-action and survey responses.

This simple, affordable option utilising the current dominant document format, is a cost-effective solution. Easy to manage, PDFs are also trouble-free to archive and present no compliance headaches. Importantly they provide an easy and reliable user interface. The relatively small size of these files also circumvents bandwidth constraints, an issue often encountered with the growing trend to mobile.

The added bonus is that there is scope and capability to capture usage patterns, along with data and metrics for analysis. This puts this solution on par with other more complex and more expensive web-based offerings. By using format conversion, digital adoption can turbo-charge every business.


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