Information Governance (IG) has emerged as a business-critical strategy.  Without a solid plan in place, companies face unnecessary risk.  However as a cross-company initiative, an IG plan faces unique challenges and needs a corporate champion. The advocacy of the CIO is what will drive an IG plan to fully deliver on its promise.

The more data that is stored exponentially increases the likelihood of regulatory breaches. The CIO can take a leadership role and explain the value of IG to his or her IT department. When IT professionals work together with business users, better management of data, rather than just data storage is the outcome.

Keeping outdated and irrelevant documents is a business bottle-neck. Discovery of important and vital documents is just that much harder, and slower, with a clutter of excessive data. Retention schedules are one of the best ways to ensure that company information is stored in a secure and efficient manner. A CIO can promote the tools to enforce retention schedules, in a transparent way, across the enterprise.

The CIO is well-positioned and qualified to be the linchpin of an IG plan and co-ordinate efforts across the records, legal and IT departments. Importantly, the CIO can connect IT professionals to business demands, ensuring that the data stored is relevant, accessible and properly maintained with the application of retention schedules.


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