Last month, Dean Beatty – Director, Recall Digital Services (RDS), presented the importance of transformational information management to a targeted market audience during our Solutions Seminar. 

The seminar covered an integral approach to securely, efficiently and environmentally managing the conversion of physical information to digital assets/information. The seminar focused on world class processes and technology for an outsourced Electronic Records Management (ERM), targeting specific customers such as:

  • Accountant/Finance Managers – Maximise cash flow and control spending through increased efficiencies in the processing and invoice management
  • Human Resource Managers – Streamline and automate benefits administration and standardise human resources administrative tasks.
  • Claims Processing Managers – Incorporate a streamline process for adjusters to have access to information any time during the claim from submission to settlement.
  • Legal/Contract Managers – Utilise the information contained in contracts to uncover and mitigate areas of risk and exposure, as well as analyse and respond to customer patterns.
  • Administration Managers - Make the clerical Workflow more efficient and effective
  • Case Managers - Easily minimise paper filing and get a true collaborative solution implemented so that you never lose another important document!
  • General Managers - Be empowered to improve your overall “Green Footprint” by reducing waste and excess carbon emissions, as well as reducing labour costs , stationery costs, archiving and retrieval costs
  • Records Managers - Improve access to digitally stored and archived records using the latest technologies either from client-server architecture or through a cloud-based environment and even mobile-based access!!

Recall gives you complete control over your information with an integrated approach to securely managing physical as well as digital assets at one central location and repository, with one partner. We call it “Transformational Information Management “and it’s the best way to maintain compliance, eliminate redundant resources as well as save time and money. Recall would be pleased to work with you in developing a completely bespoke ERM solution that would put your organization into the position of ‘best in class’ regarding the management of Information and Records.

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