Continuous improvement means listening to our customers, and empowering our teams to suggest the necessary changes to meet service expectations. From designing and delivering complex solutions, to making grass-root operational changes, Recall strives for innovation that matters to customers. That is what this new carton design signifies.

Detail does make a difference to operational excellence and that is why Recall has re-designed our cartons. As mundane as a carton can be, this carton is an exception. Small but significant, these cartons promote our commitment to Transformational Information Management, an integrated approach to securely managing physical and digital assets. We combine globally robust standards, protocols and solutions with local service and attention. Our new carton design and branding specifically addresses the needs of customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Recall is a pioneer in RFID processes, and customers have enjoyed positive business process improvements using this technology. The RFID tag position on cartons is important. It requires clear access to achieve a seamless solution. The re-designed carton features a well-placed RFID tag, re-orders codes, along with modified ease of assembly instructions and reinforced carton strength.


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