Immediate access to information has become a business necessity. You asked for a quick, easy and secure way to access information, so we built one. We unleash the power of the Recall Portal for DMS Request Web users in late January, 2015.

This robust, hands-on tool uses the latest innovations in web-services and information security. Now you have control over your digital and physical assets, anywhere, anytime.

This is information management simplified but with unprecedented visibility, access and control. Secure, single sign-on from computer or mobile device; this is a digital solution that supports the demands of modern business.

Interactive dashboards allow you to create, analyse and download snapshots and reports based on your specific requirements. Quick search functionality and a live chat option with Customer CARE, mean you can search Recall systems with actionable queries. Coming soon to a screen near you, the Recall Portal gives you access to Document Management Solutions (DMS), anytime, anywhere. You will have the opportunity to sign on as you normally would, and explore your new world of information management.

portal screen


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