The National Identity Fraud Awareness Week (NIDFAW) held from October 12-18 in Australia and New Zealand raised awareness of the risks of inadequate compliance with privacy laws.

The campaign, driven by key government agencies, reminds and warns businesses of their obligation to protect personal and confidential information. It highlighted the ever-present danger of identity fraud. At risk are individuals, business and the broader community, with significant costs to those impacted. In its eighth consecutive year, the campaign heightens awareness of the need to be informed and vigilant and promotes the measures required by law to protect personal and confidential information.

These measures do increase the burden on business to have more robust information security and compliance frameworks in place. Under the Act, business must now take reasonable steps to protect the information they hold from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised access, modification, and disclosure. This includes all personal information collected by a business. Campaigns such as NIDFAW have heightened awareness in the community of an individual’s right to privacy. With growing public consensus on the issue, no business can afford to be careless.


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