The value of business information can be intangible. Value is very dependent on the accuracy of cataloging and ease of access. Add to the equation the enormous amount of unstructured information generated through business activities and processes and you arrive at a real business conundrum. Realizing the full value of business information is often challenging and costly.

The missing coordinate in this value equation is the application of an enterprise-wide, business taxonomy. A taxonomy classifies and arranges otherwise random content, across departments, systems and functional silos. Taxonomies organise information into a hierarchy, specific and relevant to that organisation. This gives consistent and reliable access to content across the entire operation, driving business insights and process capabilities. It also safeguards corporate knowledge from workforce turnover and mitigates governance and operational risks.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) uses taxonomies to drive new business value from stored content. Through an ECM, unstructured content becomes a cataloged resource, accessible across an organisation, and providing a full ROI of content storage.

Developing a successful taxonomy design can be daunting. Recall’s Digital Services (RDS) can support your efforts to maximize the business value of your content storage. As well as assisting your organisation develop a Content Taxonomy, RDS can share case studies from our portfolio of customers who have implemented our Digital Solutions and are now generating positive benefits across their businesses.


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