Definition of a Record from the Oxford dictionary: A thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially an account kept in writing or some other permanent form.

Records play an integral role in history. They form the backbone of our learning and understanding of the past and often influence our present and future.

We often think of records as business related and in paper and electronic form. Indeed many records are kept for business purposes but we also produce and keep records for personal and cultural reasons.

Records can give us a sense of identity in our personal and business lives, and form part of our National and International culture. Letters, forms, books, diaries, photographs, and artworks are all examples of records that we produce and keep for historical purposes.

Today more than ever before records are accessible to us – via the web, mobile applications, in museums, in National Archives and so on. Websites such as, provide a wealth of information of not only our family history, but through letters, birth and death notices, census information, travel records etc they show us a glimpse of our cultured past.

Preservation of historically significant records is imperative to our continued discovery and understanding of the past and future, it is our gift to future generations. What we record and keep today will shape how future generations see their past. To learn more about preservation options, contact Recall today.


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