No business can escape from the mountains of information that need to be stored. Historical and legacy paper archives are a business reality. Statutory requirements and corporate regulations mandate storage. However, when these records are business critical, or hold significant organisational value, business need more than just storage provider. Records management is about realising the full potential of business information.

Records management promises, and delivers:

Complete security
A professional document management partner will collect documents and store them in a secure unit with on-site security and fire protection. Absolute protection of business critical information is the best business insurance to ensure all businesses meet their obligations.

Enhanced business efficiencies
Managing documents can be a tedious, time consuming task. By outsourcing document management to an expert partner, business can focus on revenue generating tasks and better use resources. 

Access to documents 24/7
Professional document management partners routinely offer a document scanning service. The benefit of this is access on demand. Scanned documents, once uploaded to a secure online interface, can be referred to whenever needed and provide a useful back-up of any paper copies, without the need to visit the storage unit and rifle through files.

Destruction of documents
Some sensitive information has a use-by date. A systematic, policy- driven records management program ensures compliance with statutory regulations and establishes legal destruction as a standard business practice. 

Data provisions included
It is not only documents that need to be managed. In today’s technology-driven offices many tapes, drives and discs hold sensitive information. These also need to be securely stored, accessed and destroyed. 

These are five good reasons to outsource records management to a professional partner. In today’s ever-changing business environment, these professionals can also answer any queries regarding storage and security. 


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