Recall standards for destruction are the strictest in the industry — protecting you in the most powerful ways.

  • Ensuring you stay compliant with ever-shifting regulations so your confidential and critical media and documents are securely destroyed at the end of their lifecycle
  • Reducing overall program costs, shifting from in-house to off-site destruction
  • Increasing sustainability with our secure media destruction and recycling

Recall offers a complete range of premium secure destruction services and expert solutions to fit your needs. Our clean-out program allows customers to clear out the clutter with peace of mind that their information is destroyed in accordance with regulatory and legislative requirements.

Bearing the burden of legislative compliance can be a huge undertaking for a company. Recall ensures that the entire information destruction procedure is conducted under secure conditions. Our closed-loop process is tightly controlled, from the collection of your information to its transport in a secure Recall vehicle to destruction at one of our dedicated destruction centres. Our closed-loop chain of custody offers:

  • Assurance that all of your information trusted to Recall has been securely handled and destroyed following global Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Secure facilities with 24 hour CCTV video surveillance of the destruction area.
  • Lower overall destruction costs due to Recall's industry leading footprint.
  • Security on the knowledge that your information destruction process meets regulatory compliance.
  • Trust in Recall's government accredited secure destruction facilities, procedures, equipment, transportation and processes.
  • Strict environmental and corporate compliance.
  • Highly qualified, security screened and well-trained employees.
  • Technology that’s innovative and industry leading.
  • A commitment to safety and sustainability.

Managing your key information internally can be a costly and dangerous decision. According to Gartner, the average worker maintains 20,000 paper documents each year and spends 50% of their time managing these documents. Outsourcing document management to Recall provides improvements in storage and retrieval expenses and allows your employees more time to focus on your core competencies. Partnering with Recall provides you with these benefits:

  • Free-up employee resources to apply to other value-adding functions.
  • Reduce response time in critical situations.
  • Create more time for your business to address its core initiatives through outsourcing the function to a strategic partner.
  • Reduce litigation cost and exposure by helping you ensure compliance with your corporate retention polices.
  • Easy, instant access to your inventory online with Recall's ReQuest Web portal.


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