If you didn't realize that document management was fun, then you haven’t been to one of our Greystanes Information Centre (IC) events. These events, designed to provide a detailed and interactive insight into the world of Recall’s digital services, are an opportunity to meet our many experts one-on-one and discuss key issues.

As more and more customers are moving to digital means to store, save and use information, the RDS demonstration is one of the most popular aspects of the showcase. This digital journey covers all 3 processes, including ReView powered by OnBase workflow and a detailed case study from our key account portfolio. It highlights the cost and time savings, the improvement to efficiencies and workflow as well as the mitigation of compliance risks.

Other highlights of the event include:

  • The dedicated viewing rooms that are available when Recall conducts site tours or a customer’s audit
  • The impressive audit time frame and 100% accuracy achievable through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) bar-coding of cartons
  • The use of technology leading RAVS ensuring the most energy efficient, safe and speedy collection of cartons from the shelf given the sheer size of the Greystanes facility
  • The safeguard benefits of utilizing the secure and temperature controlled ProTect Vault to store and protect items of high intrinsic value
  • The sheer volume of documents being scanned through RDS


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