FOR 2020

2020 is less than a decade away and predictions about the digital universe are becoming more factual. The major trends emerging highlight a simple, effective, low cost solution. Yes, tapes. With the advent of HP’s breakthrough LTO tapes with a 30 year shelf life, the HP StoreEver Storage portfolio now delivers the most comprehensive and integrated approach to storing, optimising and protecting data.

The capacity and resilience of the portfolio enables clients to simplify infrastructure and reduce costs. It also mitigates the risks attached to a fragmented and siloed approach to data retention and protection. Through the portfolio, data movement across the whole enterprise is securely controlled. In fact, the whole process has the capability of management from a single pane of glass interface using HP Data Protector and Symantec backup software.

Simple, reliable and secure, HP StoreEver enables clients to reduce risk and optimise costs by placing data on an offline, portable, low cost medium, and safe from online threats such as viruses. As one of the leaders in the data protection industry, Recall provides comprehensive solutions to customers looking to free up resources, meet recovery point and time objectives, and/or store invaluable media in our highly secure, temperature controlled Data Protection Centres. Regardless of your needs, Recall provides you with a custom tailored Data Protection solution to not just meet, but exceed the needs of your business.


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