Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system may be the dynamo used across your organisation, but it’s not a cure-all for processing business transactions. Your staff still needs access to information – like documents, emails and notes – residing outside of your ERP to do their jobs.

This is where enterprise content management (ECM) comes into play. The right ECM system can manage and maintain the documents and information residing outside of say SAP or PeopleSoft, presenting them to users within their familiar screens. This improves user satisfaction and eliminates searching for needed information in disparate systems or physical files.

Integrating systems not only eliminates the need to switch applications to complete work, but can also automate processes surrounding this content for further efficiencies.

ECM can be applied across the enterprise whether in an operational department or in the back office such as accounting and finance, human resources, legal and more. Anywhere you manage information and processes can benefit from an ECM system.

Select an ECM system that has a certified integration with your ERP. This ensures seamless transfer of document images and data between the ECM system and your ERP. Other things to look for in an ECM solution include technology that:

  • Compliments, enhances and streamlines ERP business processes
  • Provides ERP users with direct access to content that supports ERP transactions
  • Drives business processes forward without cumbersome and costly duplicate data entry
  • Keeps information in sync with ERP, driving business processes forward with real-time information
  • Features automated workflow management that distributes work to multiple users
  • Automates data capture from documents and validates the data against your organisation’s business rules and databases
  • Has the capability to capture performance data and generate reports for both people and processes

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