Customers asked for a quick, easy and secure way to access information, so we built one - Recall Portal.  Designed using the latest innovations in web-services and information security, Recall Portal gives you control over your digital and physical assets, including secure single sign-on from computers, tablets and mobile phones anywhere, at anytime.

Everything you wanted, plus more:

  • Real-time access to all physical and digital holdings, across Recall service lines - globally
  • Computer, tablet or mobile phone visibility
  • Instant customized asset reports
  • Single sign-on access across all Recall customer systems
  • Live chat option with Customer CARE 
  • Quick search functionality
  • Client-holding RFID audit reports
Recall Portal

Now available to existing US/Canada DMS, single line accounts.

Recall Portal is fully compatible with Explorer version 9, Chrome version 37, Firefox version 29 and Safari version 7 Internet browsers*. Check to be sure you are using one of these browsers so you are ready to start using Recall Portal when it is released.

ReQuest Web users will be provisioned automatically with Recall Portal access. Sign on as you normally would, and explore your new world of information management.

Should you be unable to upgrade your browser, you will continue to have ReQuest Web access. Simply refer to the on-screen instructions to be re-directed to your ReQuest Web Sign-on page.

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Global Information Management Leader Unveils Web-Based Tool That Offers Location Visibility to Physical and Digital Assets and Instantly-Accessible Reports

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Immediate access to information has become a business necessity, and Recall has responded with a solution that addresses that need. Recall Portal is an intuitive, hands-on tool that empowers our customers to secure, manage and govern all of their digital and physical holdings.
- Rob Hamilton
Recall Global Vice President,
Digital Market Leader


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