White Paper:


Information Governance Intiative (IGI) 2015 - 2016 Annual Report

IGI gathered quantitative and qualitative data designed to enable us to form and communicate an impression of the state of IG. IGI focused our research on the three elements that, taken together, make up IG:

• The Concept: What is IG? Impressions regarding the central ideas and organizing principles of IG, including its definition and dimensions. To date, most public discussion of IG has happened at this level, which is to be expected given the relative immaturity of IG as a distinguishable pursuit or discipline.

• The Work: What do I do? The dimensions of IG as an activity that is undertaken by organizations. IG as an operational model. What are people doing, and how are they doing it? What are their plans?

• The Market: What do I buy? The conceptualization of IG as a market for products and services. IGI did not attempt a market sizing, as we believe that this is a domain well covered by analyst firms, but we were curious about whether IG is perceived as a market, and if so, the dimensions of that market.

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